A collection of organizations I have been fortunate to work with as a seasoned professional. I have inspired and been inspired, I have given my talent and skills to these organizations and they have given me as much in return.
Featured Client
Featured Client
Simply Medical
Design an eCommerce application for a subsidiary brand of McKesson Inc. Building the User Interface from the ground up by creating an Information Architecture (IA) document that defined the site structure, and workflow processes like checkout and login...
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"Roger is without a doubt the best UX/UI person I have ever interacted with. He sees more than the pretty pictures and the UX concepts. He gets into the real business goals and routinely pulls out the simple straight forward solution that no one else saw. I have seen Roger unravel a mess that was handed to him and turn it into a gem that was the model for how to do things going forward. I tell people I want guys that are always leaning forward. Looking to do bigger, better, more. Roger is one of those guys."
John McPeek
Sr Cloud Architect at Black Knight
Did you know?
By 2025, there will be a shortage of 90,000 physicians.
Source: Clinical Burnout and the impact of Digital Behavioral Health Solutions
The cost of turnover in the medical field and decreased productivity from burnout is estimated at $4.6 B annually. Burnout can be a larger problem for female physicians and medical professionals due to "hidden" stressors of gender discrimination in the workplace and family expectations in the home.
Hospitals and event planners can use their diversity inclusion budget to help their female physicians, mid-level practitioners and nurses reclaim joy in their career which translates to better patient care, less turnover, and a reduction in medical errors. Let's work together to help retain our women in medicine and reduce the negative impact on the healthcare industry!
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